HURGHADA International Airport

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Hurghada Airport Photo Gallery

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Image of the Hurghada airport passenger terminal, 2003
Image of the Hurghada airport passenger terminal, 2006.
Passenger terminal, 2003.

Passenger terminal, 2006.

Image of the Hurghada airport runway.
Take-off from the Hurghada Airport
Arriving to the Hurghada Airport.
Author - John Miller,

Take-off from the Hurghada Airport.
Author -Tomas Galla,

Ramp of the Hurghada airport
In the waiting room of the Hurghada aiport
At the airfield.

In the waiting room.

Airport stuff is meeting of the arrived plane.
Image of the Hurghada city.
Meeting of the arrived plane.

View of the city of Hurghada.

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